Protect Our Most Valuable Resources

Water is a vital natural resource we all need. And protecting and conserving water is a task that belongs to all us. In Madison we enjoy clean potable water and we all can take small steps to keep it like that. The Madison Water Utility website provides you with great tools and tips to conserve our water.Here are some examples:

Use these energy-saving tips

• Madison Water Utility offers us an online tool to improve conservation and water use. Check it out and sign up.

• Replace old toilet and receive a $100 credit: click on the following link to read more about how to receive a refund for replacing your toilet in the Toilet Rebate Program.

• Check for  water leaks in the plumbing. For more information, click here.

• Install water saving devices. Faucet aerators and low flow shower-heads can save thousands of gallons of water per year and reduce your hot water bill.

• Invest in water-saving appliances, with a new and efficient dishwasher, you can save up to 1,000 gallons of water per year.

• For more tips and resources, go to the Madison Water Utility website.


Call the Madison Water Utility Line at 608-266-4651