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Soul-Powered Communities

Rethinking Sustainabilty

What is sustainability? To many, the word has become overused, lifeless, or elusive. This word may conjure images of environmental, political, corporate and financial initiatives, but we believe it’s worth so much more. Living in Balance is a community-driven dialogue defining sustainability through the people living it out every day. We want to share what we call “sustainability” has in fact been the historical and cultural foundation of many diverse communities–we exist to amplify that foundation. Living in Balance is looking to the past, present, and future to show “sustainability” in a new spectrum.

Living in balance

Powered by MGELiving in Balance is a diverse community defining and educating what it means to be sustainable by showing the people living it out every day.

energy 2030 together

MGE asked, how can we best build a community driven energy company for the future? Find out how we are moving forward to meet that future.

Be the change

Living in Balance is here to help you take action in your community. Your life energy has the power to change tomorrow.

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energy-Saving Resources

Sustainability In Action

By sharing our knowledge and resources, we can reach our sustainability goals. Feel free to take a glimpse at our tips and resources to learn more about energy-savings for your life.

Increase Renewable Energy By The Year 2030
Our Goal Is To Increase Renewable Energy By 30%
Capture Stormwater In Madison By The Year 2050
Capture Stormwater From All Buildings In Madison.
Reduce The Use Of Water By The Year 2020
Our Goal Is To Reduce The Use Of Our Water By 20%
Reduce Carbon Emissions By The Year 2030
Our Goal Is To Reduce Carbon Emissions By 40%

Energy 2030

A Sustainable Energy Future

Energy 2030 includes greater use of renewable resources, reduced carbon emissions, increased emphasis on energy efficiency and conservation, new products and services, and a deepening of community engagement. We're building a community energy company for the future that meets our community's needs and balances and reflects our shared values, and we look forward to working together with you, our customers. Below are a few examples on how we are building a sustainable future.

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