Summer Saving Tips

Save money this summer with tips from MG&E

Use these energy-saving tips

• Set the thermostat at 78 F or higher if health permits. Turn the AC off when no one is home.

• Use fans instead of AC, and turn off when no one is in the room. Use exhaust fans to remove heat and moisture from cooking and showering.

• Close drapes during the day to keep the sun and heat out.

• Cook outside or use your microwave. Using your stove adds heat to your kitchen.

• Wash your laundry in cold water to reduce the use of hot water. Dry clothes outside instead of in the dryer.

• Use the dishwasher’s air-dry or energy-saver cycle.

• Turn off lights and TVs when you are not using them. Replace regular bulbs with ENERGY STAR® qualified bulbs.


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